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Fire Damage Restoration

Santa Monica fire department receives an average of 13,500 calls about house fires annually. Though the fire has been burned out and the property is still standing, the damage done to the building is severe and so it will require extensive repairs.

In such a situation, the residents of the house often ask ‘what do we do, and where do we turn?’ That’s where we come in, we are open for service to bring back the comfort of your house and bring it back to its previous state. We, at Santa Monica fire damage restoration provide our clients with reasonable packages but never compromise on standards of the cleanup.

Looking at the aftermath of the fire at your home or commercial property, the major challenge for you is its revival. This is why the Santa Monica fire damage restoration will provide you with the best options to repair and restore your buildings affected by fire. We strongly recommend that you only call professional help, instead of experimenting with tips you have found on the internet and DIYs, because fire restoration is a sophisticated process which requires flawless execution. Any improper technique of restoration can prove to be damaging and possibly even dangerous.

The process of fire damage cleanup requires experienced professionals and a lot of manpower to remove and replace the remnants of fire. A certified professional is the right person for the job because of the required experience is attainted through mandatory coursework and extensive on-field training. So before you hire a contractor for damage repair, make sure that he is certified and experienced enough to deal with fire-deterioration.

What You Can Do in 24 hours, After The Fire Has Been Extinguished:
● Do not go inside the house immediately after the fire has been put off by the first department. It will take a few hours for the fire marshal to send a green signal for you to enter your building.
● Install exhaust fans so that the smoke can move out of your apartment and open all the windows and doors. However, if you live in a humid region like Santa Monica, do not open windows but install a dehumidifier instead as this will be much more effective in your case.
● Put all kind of fabrics, carpets and upholsteries to dry either in the sun, under fans or the dehumidifier. Make sure you spread these items properly when drying as this will minimize the chances of fungal and bacterial growth.
● If you have items made up of brass and copper, clean it with brass cleaning solutions to save them from corrosion.
● Dry wooden furniture and wrap the leg with cling-sheets or aluminum foil.

Note: these maneuvers do not require professionals. Members of the building or owners of the property can initiate the work while deciding which company to hire for the damage restoration.

CALL US AT (424) 625-7202 for further details. We do not compromise on quality of work and provide convenient packages for our customers.